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Delivery of affordable homes at O’Devaney Gardens is one step closer with planning application – Geoghegan

27 May 2021

Glass Bottle Site Affordable Homes must be delivered at a similar price

The planning application submitted today for over 1,000 homes at the O’Devaney Gardens site is positive for young people and families in Dublin city, Fine Gael Dublin Bay South bye-election candidate James Geoghegan has said.

This development, which James Geoghegan voted for as a councillor on Dublin City Council, includes affordable houses and apartments for purchase prices ranging from €260,000 to €300,000.

Councillor Geoghegan, who represents the Pembroke electoral area, said: “This is the exact type of mixed affordable development we need to be delivering at scale throughout our city so that young people can have a real chance of owning their own home.

“The Central Bank review currently taking place on its mortgage rules which restricts borrowing to 3.5 times a person’s salary needs to consider the ability of my generation and younger to own a home as its number one priority.

“Nobody wants to return to the bad lending practices of the past, but equally we must be so careful that the rules we have in place do not contribute to an unequal society.

“For generations, our country has been built on an economic and social model that gives individuals and families the opportunity to own their own home.

“As we exit the pandemic, we must deliver with urgency and scale including the 3,500 homes on the Glass Bottle Site in the constituency that I represent,” Councillor Geoghegan concluded.